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Class: XII

Chalk is made from trillions of microscopic plankton fossils.

Class XII  is the  perfect  blend  of  journey  of  student from it’s  initial  growth  story  to the  most  broader  and crowded  path  of  pratical life.


Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic . To develop student mind to find solution  to probl

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Phenomena behind everything arounds us and everything happening around us. To develop abstract  reasoning for  stu

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Concerned  with  the  substance’s  composition Investigation  of  the  relevant  properties  and 

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science of life. To develop the ability  in students  to appreciate biological phenomena in nature and the C

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Computer Science

Principles  and  scientific  approach  to  the  architecture  of  computers. To

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English Grammar

Structure  of words!! Syntax of language!! English  one   of  the  international 

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Iqranation Subject