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Class: IX

Some metals are so reactive that they explode on contact with water!!!

Class IX  gateway  to  initial  career  path  of  students through various  streams .  The career  path can be  volatile or  non  reactive  according  to  quality  of  gateway  build  from  previous  classes  raw  material.


Maths is not about answers, it's about processes involve  to deal  with problems!!

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English Grammar

Grammar is the systematic study and description of a language.  it's needed for communicating  and  is essent

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Computer Application

Computers are important tools in nearly every profession in  today’s  time. To enrich students with  wide 

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The branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. Everything you look around and w

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Deals with the composition and properties of substances and  various reactions !!! Associated  with  substance.

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To  enrich  knowledge  with the  study  of  physiology, behaviour, and other qualities of a particular organism

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Iqranation Subject