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Class: VII

Babies have around 100 more bones than adults!!

Class VII   has  around  many  more  conceptual  and  fundamentals  part  to  offer  students for  their strong and sustainable  growth for  future.

English Grammar

A set of actual or presumed prescriptive notions about correct use of a language. English  grammer – soul  to 

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The word comes from the Greek word (máthema), meaning "science, knowledge, or learning". Maths is a

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The  study  of  the  matter  , energy  and the relation   and   interaction  between  them. Physics&nb

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It’s qualitative and quantitative !!! Chemistry is a branch of natural science that deals principally with th

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The study of living organisms !!!  Biology is the science of life. Its name is derived from the greek word

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Computer Application

Learning  computer fundamental concepts in simple and easy steps starting from overview, applications, generations.

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Iqranation Subject